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The following mobile Apps are available for public download to provide live data from Headcorn Weather or any other live data source. For application support please contact the relevant application developer.

Mobile Storm for Android

Display of Live Lightning data on your Android phone. Visit the Android Market to download the ‘Mobile Storm’ app and configure settings as follows:

  • Detector - UK Headcorn, Kent
  • Automatic Refresh - Select Automatic or Manual
  • Refresh Interval - 5 Minutes (min)
  • Age Interval - 20 Minutes
  • Show Detector - Check Box
  • Show Strike Graph - Check Box
  • Show Time - Check Box
  • Alternative Colours - Check Box
  • Discard Edge Strikes : Check Box

Note: You can also configure this app for other NexStorm systems in your area by selecting the detector from the list or contacting the system operator direct for custom detector settings.


Astrogenic SPARK Compact Lightning Explorer

Headcorn Weather supports near live data display in the SPARK.CLX format as required by Astrogenics SPARK application. Please visit the Astrogenic website below to download the Java MIDlet and configure your MIDP 2.0 / CLDC 1.1 capable cell phone with the following settings to receive our data.

Astrogenic SPARK pages for MIDlet download

When required, enter the location of SPARK.CLX datafile:

  • www.headcornweather.org/lightning

There’s no need to enter http:// as this is already entered for you.


Headcorn Weather Mobile Site

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