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The region of the US Midwest East of the Rocky Mountains and West of the Appalachians often referred to as Tornado Alley is home to some of the most consistent yet extreme weather on the planet.

Cold dry air from Canada meets with warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and hot dry air from the Southwestern deserts. This air is squeezed between the two mountain ranges across the Great Plains where intense atmospheric instability leads to the formation of huge Supercell Thunderstorms and often massive and damaging tornados.

Whilst they form over the sparsely populated plains, sadly all too often we hear of the devastation caused when the track of these huge Tornados brings them into contact with towns and cities.

Scientific advances in recent years, particularly the Doppler radar system have led to increasingly accurate warnings being available. These warnings are backed up by live reports  and video feeds by Storm Chasers; teams of Meteorologists on the ground with live data feeds to enable accurate prediction of tornado trajectories to be passed to the media and emergency services in real time.

During 2012 thru 2014 I joined teams from Netweather.tv in the US Midwest to experience some of the most extreme weather there is. Many of you followed our progress and you can continue to follow future tours on the maps, watch daily storm analysis and see live video feeds from the chase vehicles by visiting the link below. Additionally, visit the Chaser TV and KWCH StormTeam12 Weather News links below to view live video feeds from hundreds of Storm Chase vehicles superimposed over Doppler radar as well as 24/7 weather news supported by reports and video from the storm chase teams. In 2015 I joined Dan Holley & Berni King for a 3 week trip across the Southern, Central & Northern Plains. I hope to return soon

Selected photos and videos taken during the trips are uploaded to the relevant galleries,  YouTube accounts or to the dropbox cloud storage gallery linked below. If you like what you see and want to find out more about a future organised stormchase tour please contact Netweather (weather holidays) directly.

Chase Vehicle Wheatland Meso Arcus Near Roswell
Twin EF4 Tornadoes nr Pilger Nebraska
Supercell nr Roswell The road to Colorado DOWs ready to Deploy Prarie House
Spotter Network
Barons Threatnet in Use
Rotating Wall Cloud nr Houston

2015 Uploaded Photos / Video - & Blog (Courtesy D.Holley)

Dropbox Photo Gallery 2015
Blog 2014
Stormchase Live Stream
Spotter Network
Oklahoma Storms on Threatnet
TIV at Carlsbad
West Point Supercell

Link to Netweather Livestream / GPS Tracker Page

2014 Uploaded Photos / Video - Blog & Netweather Gallery

Dropbox Photo Gallery 2014
Blog 2014 2014 Tour 4 Photo Gallery

2013 Uploaded Photos / Video - Blog & Netweather Gallery

Colorado Farm
DIX Tornado
Videos 2013 Tour 5 Photo Gallery
Dropbox Photo Gallery 2013 Blog 2013

2012 Uploaded Photos / Video - Blog & Netweather Gallery

Dropbox Photo Gallery 2012
Blog 2013
2012 Tour 2 Photo Gallery
Lane South Dakota
EF4 Tornado - Pilger Nebraska
North of Lane South Dakota
NE Colorodo Structure
Faulkton Shelfcloud Panorama
Coleridge Rain Wrapped Tornado
NOAA SPCC Activity Chart

NOAA Storm Prediction Chart

Netweather US GFS Charts

Netweather.tv US GFS Charts

Old ChaserTV Live Chase Streams

 KWCH StormTeam12 - Live Weather News 24/7

Virtual Stormchase

Virtual Stormchase Gallery - Netweather.tv

Netweather/Weatherholidays Stormchase 2012
HCW Logo
Strasbourg Supercell
Twitter 2012 Logo
Limon HDR
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