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Weather Details

Current Conditions

13/9/17 : 13:55


18.4 C

Wind Chill

18.4 C

Dew Point

10.0 C


58 %

Sea Level Barometer

1001.97 mb

Wind Direction


Wind Speed

5 mph [Light Breeze]

Heat Index

19.3 C

Rainfall Today / Mth

1.00 mm (Monthly 19.00 mm)

Yearly Rainfall

385.20 mm

Solar Radiation

357 W/sqm

UV Index


Today’s Extremes


High Temperature

18.9 C at 13:19

Low Temperature

13.6 C at 7:06

Low Wind Chill

11.2 C at 7:17

High Heat Index

19.7 C at 13:19

Peak Wind Gust

30 mph at 2:50

Peak Solar Radiation

904 W/sqm at 13:12

Peak UV Index

3.4 at 13:12

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