Earn Cashback on Internet Purchases

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Realtime Lightning
Earn Cashback on Internet Purchases

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Link below to Near Realtime Lightning data for Europe, US or Oceania

Realtime Lightning

Near Realtime Lightning on Google Earth with data provided from our local Detector

Live Lightning on Google Earth

The following links add live updating lightning functionality from Headcorn Weather to Google Earth. Download and Install Google Earth then click on the link(s) below to install the network module(s).

Two modules are included. The first is for Headcorn Weather Live Lightning, the second is a link to add Rain Radar data as supplied by Meteox.

Live Lightning includes strike data for the past 90 minutes colour coded based on the included strike age chart.

When you exit Google Earth you will be asked whether you wish to Save your new links to your My Places Folder. If yo wish to have this functionality available to you in future simply click Save, otherwise click Discard.

You can remove links at any time by right clicking on them and  selecting delete.

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