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WASP2 Live
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WASP2 Live Triangulated Lightning Display - Northern Europe & Southern UK


Sferics data from Europe as displayed on the Wide Area Storm Probe (WASP2) display. Data is  updated every minute. Verified and triangulated against multiple lightning detectors located across Europe. Headcorn Weather is part of the StrikeSTAR EU network. The 6 hour animated sequence is shown below.


Acknowledgements to SLOweather for the animation script

Archived Strikestar Animated Sequences (T=Now)

T-6 hours

T-12 hours

T-18 hours

T-24 hours

T-30 hours

T-36 hours

T-42 hours

T-48 hours

T-54 hours

T-60 hours

T-66 hours

T-72 hours

T-78 hours

T-84 hours

T-90 hours

T-96 hours

T-102 hours

T-108 hours

T-114 hours

T-120 hours

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